The Memorial

Memories don’t always do you a whole lot of good.  Remembering things, though.  That’s what’s important.

The Valediction. Just another one of my sketches. Nothing more.
The Dynasty. To the families of the City, all reunited.
The Culture. A still-life of old unwanted keepsakes.
The Service. For all the men and women who served Caelondia.
The Country. She’s all to pieces now. But still looking good.
The Mercy. The Windbags ain’t the only beasts that drew a bad lot.
The Masons. We built the City strong. Now there’s only two of us.
The Breakers. Ain’t no one could outrun them, or their arrows.
The Trappers. Daring bunch of fools. They’ll be missed.
The Menders. They had thankless jobs. The most important kind.
The Gravers. The arm of justice. They seemed unstoppable.
The Marshals. Kept the City’s peace. They can rest easy now.

The Slingers. The Wilds were their calling.
The Brushers. They moved in shadows. But the Calamity found them.
The Triggers. My brothers. Bravest men I ever knew.
The Cinders. Kept the City good and warm. Made it thrive.
The Skippers. Delivered us from the Motherland.
The Mancers. They knew everything. Even if it cost them.
The Inspiration. A forge can fashion anything.
The City. Its riches nothing but fragments now.
The Conscience. We haven’t lost everything long as we have that.
The Sanctuary. If we can build, we can rebuild.
The Faith. Mother, this one’s for you.


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About the Story

The Bastion Story is a transcription of the narration of the game Bastion by Supergiant Games. It has been painstakingly copied word for word from the game itself, and double-checked with the subtitles files, although there still may be a few typos hiding around. To differentiate itself from a simple copy-pasta, The Bastion Story is an attempt to turn the narration into an actual oral story, like how Rucks told their story to Zia. As such, most of the “story” will be directly from the game, and only a few extra sentences will be included, to add coherence.  These extra sentences are a slightly different shade of color, so it is easier to separate from the narration.

About the Storyteller

The Bastion Story is small project by Imag, a nerd. After completing Bastion, he wanted to share the amazing story with his friends. His plan was to transcribe the entire narration of the game, then tell the story of the Kid and the Bastion while sitting around a campfire at night with friends. Sadly, since the narration is around 3,000 lines long and Imag doesn’t go out if he can avoid it (the sun, you see, it burns him), he can’t. Therefore, he offers his version of the story to the only place that might accept his wasted hours of typing: the internet.  He’s not a very experienced author, though.  He’s never written fanfic or any sort of story, only a few hours spent on role-playing forums.  But he does his best, trying to keep Rucks’ personality alive in his additions, and is open to any constructive criticism.

So enjoy, if you wish.

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