The Forge

Ah, here we are.  The Forge allows the Kid to improve those nice tools of his.  Here’s what I think about his handiwork.

Cael Hammer
Kid’s lifelong friend’s looking fit to keep on fighting.
Ain’t never letting go of his old friend with a sturdy grip like that.
A Cael Hammer’s only as strong as its spine. And that’s a strong spine.
He puts some finishing touches on the business end of that thing.
Now the weight of the world’s behind every swing.

Breaker’s Bow
With a good length of meesegut, that bow is like new again.
Kid packs a special surprise in every one of those arrows.
His bow’s looking lean and mean like a prize fighter.
Arrows like that can practically find their own way.
Ain’t that the finest Breaker’s Bow you ever seen?

Fang Repeater
Turns out those old bones still have some spark in them.
That ought to make those fangs sink in nice and deep.
Now he can shoot that Fang Repeater all day long.
Takes a careful touch to rattle those bones like that.
You don’t want to know what he did to that thing, but believe me, it works.

War Machete
A little zulwood oil and that blade shines like a light.
War Machetes are so quick you gotta keep a good grip on them.
Points just don’t get any sharper than that.
A solid frame can put an extra sting in every slice.
Now that there’s what I call a knife.

Scrap Musket
You want to tune a Scrap Musket, you start with the barrel.
The Marshals learned to pack those shells full of fire.
To master the musket, you’ve got to get rid of the recoil.
Now we’re looking at some serious firepower.
The Marshals would have been downright jealous.

Dueling Pistols
Takes a lot of moving pieces to make a dependable side arm.
He’s made a right comfortable bed for all them bullets.
That ought to give those Dueling Pistols a little extra kick.
You’d never guess those things been to the Wilds and back.
That’ll spice things up next time he gets in trouble.

Brusher’s Pike
To fix a Brusher’s Pike, you just need a good length of knifebark.
Don’t want that thing leaving your hands until you’re deciding it’s time.
Got to make sure the pointy end’s fastened on real tight.
When you’ve got a solid balance, you’ve got what you need.
Any Brusher’s Pike can cut to the bone. But that one can cut through it.

Army Carbine
That’s the way to make every shot count.
Even the Army never issued carbines in such fine shape.
It’s no longer a weapon. It’s a precision instrument.
Nothing makes a gun so dangerous as a keen eye.
Taught him a little something from my days in the front.

Galleon Mortar
That mortar’s going to leave a lasting impression.
Taught him an old trick from a galleon gunner I once knew.
Wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of those.
The armada sure could have used one of these back in the day…
A pinch of fairy dust, and it’s all set.

Fire Bellows
At least it won’t get cold around here with that thing around.
On the inside, a Fire Bellows ain’t nothing more than its air-spitting cousin.
Without an insulated air intake, that thing’s liable to blow up on you.
Toughest thing about using that gascan is keeping a grip on it.
That thing wasn’t always meant to be a weapon, but there’s no denying it now.

Calamity Cannon
First step to learning the Calamity Cannon is knowing about the machinery overrides.
Now who would have taught a Kid to do a thing like that?
Good thing I didn’t throw away the manual.
Take my word for it, don’t ever drop one of those.
Looks like our little science project is all set.

And that’s everything. Mother knows he’s paid his dues in that Forge.


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About the Story

The Bastion Story is a transcription of the narration of the game Bastion by Supergiant Games. It has been painstakingly copied word for word from the game itself, and double-checked with the subtitles files, although there still may be a few typos hiding around. To differentiate itself from a simple copy-pasta, The Bastion Story is an attempt to turn the narration into an actual oral story, like how Rucks told their story to Zia. As such, most of the “story” will be directly from the game, and only a few extra sentences will be included, to add coherence.  These extra sentences are a slightly different shade of color, so it is easier to separate from the narration.

About the Storyteller

The Bastion Story is small project by Imag, a nerd. After completing Bastion, he wanted to share the amazing story with his friends. His plan was to transcribe the entire narration of the game, then tell the story of the Kid and the Bastion while sitting around a campfire at night with friends. Sadly, since the narration is around 3,000 lines long and Imag doesn’t go out if he can avoid it (the sun, you see, it burns him), he can’t. Therefore, he offers his version of the story to the only place that might accept his wasted hours of typing: the internet.  He’s not a very experienced author, though.  He’s never written fanfic or any sort of story, only a few hours spent on role-playing forums.  But he does his best, trying to keep Rucks’ personality alive in his additions, and is open to any constructive criticism.

So enjoy, if you wish.

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