Tazal Terminals

The Tazal Terminals. All that’s left of the Ura’s civilization, and the last stop on his little journey.

I can’t hear him at all anymore. He’s too far away. But he’ll be all right. Just needs to get that Shard from Zulf and come on home. The Calamity hit the Tazal Terminals hardest of all. It’s something to think about. Here, in Caelondia, where it was only the four of us, we still didn’t take the worst of it. You gotta wonder what happened to the Ura. You know why Zulf went back there. The place was his home. All his old friends and family were there. Taken by the Calamity. Zulf must be there all alone, just waiting.

Heh. You know what’s funny? Zulf’s waiting…We’re waiting…The Ura, the animals…All of us are waiting…for a Kid. Look around. There’s not much left to do here in the Bastion I’m afraid. So why not tell each other stories to pass the time, right? But Zia…there’s another reason I’ve been telling you all this. There’s something I want you to understand. When the Kid brings back that Shard, the Bastion will be complete. This disease the Ura planted here will go away. What happens to Zulf will no longer matter. Caelondia will be whole again. Everything will be back to normal. Everyone will be all right. The problem is…we’ll all be gone.

Oh we’re not going to die. It’s more like…All of this will just…stop. Things will go back to the way they used to be. That’s the power of the Bastion. This whole place…is a living record of the times before the Calamity. The Cores, the Shards, they remember…The way things were…before this story. Good times, right…? You’d be your old self again. Think of all those times that didn’t go your way…All of life’s little setbacks…Imagine if you could have another go at them. No mistakes. Anyone you’ve ever hurt…Everything you’ve ever done…you could do it over. And wouldn’t that be grand. Wouldn’t you agree…? Well…I guess there’s nothing more to say.

Oh who am I kidding. Look…There’s something else…a confession. How come I know so much about the Bastion? Well I designed the place, but that’s beside the point. There’s one problem with a place that sets things back to a bygone time…

…You can’t test it.

So you’re probably wondering, if the Calamity happened already…What’s to stop it from happening again, after the Bastion does its thing? The answer is…I don’t know.

You’re wondering if there ain’t some other way out this mess. It’s all right. I can tell. But why would you even want another way, unless…

…unless you wanted to stay here…with us…? That’s sweet and all but…I don’t know that I can stick around. The weight of the Calamity…it’s on our shoulders. We can’t just let it go…

The Bastion does have another function, strictly speaking. If ever the Monument blew out and we couldn’t repair it, we could still…evacuate. First we’d round up as many folks as we could carry. Next we’d detonate the Cores…and we’d take off. Away from here. Of course that would mean…no going back. Ever. But then again…That way all of us could…leave the City…Together.

You know Zulf and his countrymen won’t be giving up that Shard without a fight, don’t you? Zulf and the Ura…all they want now is to see the Bastion fall. Zulf dedicated his life to a lasting peace between the Ura and Caelondia. He can’t have imagined the City would try to wipe the Ura out.
Zulf ain’t lost every shred of decency though, has he. He tried to warn you about his plans. He tried to warn the Kid. For Zulf this ain’t a personal matter. It ain’t a simple matter of pride either.
One thing’s for sure. The Ura can’t be happy that the Kid followed Zulf all the way home.

I can see it now. The Kid in one corner, and Zulf in the other…ain’t much of a fight. Don’t you worry though. Once the Bastion is restored…it’ll all be all right. Although…after talking it over like this…guess I’m beginning to have my doubts. The Kid’s probably dealt with Zulf by now.

He reminds me of myself when I was his age. I ever tell you about those days?

Hey, look who’s coming back. I guess he got it.

Well, that’s it, Zia. That’s all I wanted to say. It was good knowing you.

It’ll all be over soon.

Thank you everyone who stuck through with me to the end. That’s the end of The Bastion Story. I hoped you enjoyed it. By the end here it sort of just turned into a transcription of the subtitles, but hey, that’s how it turned out. I can’t really fill in any gaps if the gaps are closed tightly. If you’re wondering why I’m not including the ending, well, Rucks ain’t telling Zia that now, is he? Anyway, tomorrow I’ll put in the last two Proving Grounds and the last Who Knows Where, but for now, this is the end. This is it. But hey, if Supergiant Games does another amazing game like this…

…then maybe I’ll see you in the next one.


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