Zulten’s Hallow

Zulten’s Hollow is the Ura’s border blockade. At least it used to be…

Well now it’s personal ain’t it. It’s personal for him. And it’s personal for me. The Ura’s border blockade ain’t much to speak of, but it’s got a nice view. When the Kid lands, He gets straight down to business. The Ura watch, They never saw him coming.
He gets his hands on the care package I sent him. It’s a little something I’d been fixing up in my spare time. The power of the Calamity…right in his hands. It takes a second to warm up, but when it fires, it’s like reliving the past. The Ura can’t stop firepower of that magnitude.
The Ura found a way to keep the Calamity from spreading through Zulten’s Hollow. They got their own Security and everything. Pretty fancy even. Still, they ain’t used to having visitors around. They’ve got these conductors that are all what’s keeping the place together. Break enough of those things and the Calamity rocks slink back into the ground. Those rocks are like tumors. The same kind the Ura planted in the Bastion. Kid’s doing them a favor by getting rid of them.
Well the Ura must be in a panic right about now. Kid’s rampaging through the place with no signs of stopping. They set everything they have against him. They even sic their little Rattle-tail pets on the Kid. Those rodents are just a bump in the road. Barely even slows the Kid down. Kid’s picking the whole place apart, piece by piece. Avenging the Bastion.
By now every Ura from here to the Terminals must know he’s in town. They organize a welcoming committee. Kid returns their greeting tenfold. Most of the Ura’s conductors are squared away in the middle of the Hollow. They’re easy targets. Those Calamity rocks must be eating that place apart from the inside. The Ura keep hanging onto their barricade. After all, their homeland’s not much farther. Some of them are downright bewildered by what’s happening. Maybe they know they’ve lost this. Lost to a kid. They underestimated us. Had us pegged all wrong. Yes our people caused the Calamity. But here we are trying to fix it. That makes us different from our people now don’t it. Shame the opportunity for civilized discourse is over. Suppose old Zulf should have got to know us better. Maybe I should have trusted him. Told him everything I knew. Zulf…the Ura…they have every reason to be angry. Beyond angry. But when all this is over…it’ll all be water under the bridge.
As the hour grows desperate the Ura bring out their big guns. Too bad for them, our guns are bigger still. There’s nothing standing in his way no more. He sees the Tazal Terminals loom large on the horizon. All those dreams snuffed out in the Calamity. We’ll bring them back.

Way out there on the edge of the world…that’s where he finally finds you. But it ain’t like Prosper Bluff this time. Ain’t nothing for this gal to sing about now.
Zia…you weren’t kidnapped. No ma’am. You just had to see what happened to the Ura. To your own people. You had to see if everything Zulf wrote to you was true.

When the Kid came back, with you right behind, he looked at me dead in the eye, handed me an Ura Child’s Drawing, and angrily left to go find Zulf. I put it away without a word because I didn’t [don’t] need to see what happened to the Ura. I was[I’m] trying to undo it, remember? When he left, that gave us time to talk. Now that you knew what happened to the Ura, you wanted to know what happened to us. So I told you. And now, here we are. Come full circle. I told you everything you wanted to know. Now it’s your turn. I got a question for you. Sure you didn’t drop that twangy thing on purpose? Just to see if he’d go after you? You wanted to know if we cared.
Well, we do. It don’t mean much, but you’re the closest we got to a family. The Ura, though.
They lost everything, didn’t they. But they just keep on fighting like that’s going to bring it all back.

Once the Kid gets that last Shard from Zulf… it’ll all be over.

This is it, folks. We’re on the final stretch.


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