Urzendra Gate

Urzendra Gate used to lead down to the Terminals. Now it leads up to the stars.

One last Shard. It’s all we need to put this mess behind us. And Mother what a mess it is. A mess like that could have only been made by hand. It took both Cael and Ura hands, but the mess was larger than anyone could have imagined.
Zulf said the Calamity failed, and he’s right. The Ura stand as living proof of that. At the heart of the Calamity was a simple idea. We never wanted to go to war again. Wanted to rule it out. Make it so that the Ura would never be able to threaten us ever again. We put a lot of folks against that problem. Scientists, soldiers, spies. Even me. We sought solutions far beyond the City. We traveled near as far as the Kid’s going right now. Most of our efforts didn’t bear fruit. Then there was a breakthrough. But it didn’t come from one of our people. It came from an Ura. A brilliant young scientist named Venn.

Venn worked for the Mancers. The sharpest knives in the City’s drawer. With his help the Mancers devised a way to seal the Ura tunnels shut…in a flash. Just like that, every last Ura living in the Tazal Terminals would be gone. This discovery was never to be used, they said…except as a last resort.
But Venn didn’t like being manipulated. He had plans of his own. He sabotaged the Mancers’ little science project. Set it to blow up in their faces. Imagine how Venn must have felt when they finally made him pull that trigger. We’re lucky to be alive.

But remember: The Bastion can fix everything. We just need that Shard. Too bad the Ura ain’t exactly been willing to collaborate on that front.

It’s strange…feels like I’ve told this part a thousand times…

First things first, though…there’s someone we figure needed rescuing. Zia. The Ura fell back, no doubt planning their next move. But we knew ours already. There’s something we had to do before going after that last Shard.

Eh.  The story practically tells itself at this point.  



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