Burstone Quarry

The secret to how we built Caelondia so tall and proud lies in Burstone Quarry.

Imagine everything you’d need to build a city like Caelondia. Takes hard work and planning. And it also takes Burstone Quarry. The Ura tunnels beneath the Quarry must have softened the blow from the Calamity. It ain’t very much damaged, but there were an awful lot of black spires standing about. Same goes for its natives…Rattle-tails. White, fluffy creatures that dig holes and make a lot of splash while they do it. Some of those rocks they knock out are downright dangerous. We bought the whole place from the Ura on the cheap. Why would the Ura put up with those pests? Rattle-tails ain’t the worst of it either, but more about that in a little bit.
The Quarry came with a lifetime supply of Windbags. Windbags smaller than the naked eye can see are nesting in those rocks. But there was even more to it than that. Not only are these rocks a source of life…We found that the oldest ones…remember things. They’re recording everything, all the time. Taking it all in. No wonder all those beasts were drawn to the Quarry. The rocks were calling them. Keeping the Quarry free from pests turned out to be a problem. The Windbags tended to the rocks, so we had to keep the Rattle-tails at bay. Rattle-tails kept tunneling in to snack on Windbags. Without those Windbags, the Quarry might not have its special qualities. Even Stinkeyes started taking root in here. So many different things took root here. Kid does what others would have, and make life just a little easier for the Windbags.
Now why would the Ura sell off such a…fascinating place? The Ura always were a superstitious lot. Might be the Gods told them the Quarry’s bad news. On top of that, you know the Ura hated anything above ground. Might be the Quarry just got too much sunshine for their liking.
In any case, it’s fair to say the Quarry was a godsend. Those rocks…all polished to a mirror sheen…The largest ones…you know as Cores. A single Core could keep the lights on in an entire City district. The smaller ones…we call them Shards. A Shard’s got a fraction of a Core’s power. Enough to fuel a voyage to the motherland.
Well now the Quarry’s all dried up. These rocks are much too young to be of use.

Remember how I said Rattle-tails ain’t the worst thing in the Quarry? That honor goes to a beast we took to calling…Sir Lunky. Massive thing stomped many of our boys. We just couldn’t get rid of him. Kid tries his best though. The only thing harder than the rocks in Burstone Quarry is Sir Lunky’s head. Anything short of a mortar don’t do much. His big fat rump’s plenty tough too. But so is the Kid. Try as we might, We never could get stubborn old Lunky to leave the Quarry alone.

Then the Kid hears a voice calling from down the hall. Are you all right, it says.
It’s him. I’ve come to warn you, he says. The Bastion…is under siege. Let it fall. You should not go back.
Kid hears him but he ain’t about to be deterred. If that’s the way it is, he says…Then I won’t stop you.

Because my countrymen will.

The next part’s hard to talk about. No matter how many times I try.

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