Mt. Zand

Not much left of Mt. Zand nowadays. It’s like a cross between a zoo and a prison break.

Can’t rightly call Mt. Zand a mountain anymore. There’s no more mountains now. The Calamity didn’t touch the place. It’s covered in green, that’s all. Jungle’s so thick Kid can’t see one foot in front of him. There’s no place left for the beasts of the Wild to go. That’s why they all came here, to Mt. Zand. Kid hears them, but can’t see them. Has a little trouble fighting off the Lunkheads that greet him. Eventually, he sends them on their merry way.
Those beasts been hoarding all the valuables they could find. Good thing for those beasts, the Calamity saved leftovers. Kid’s got no qualms grabbing them though. We’re only taking back what’s rightfully ours. On that note, We only found their little lair because they found themslves a little Shard. The creatures of the Wild…they’ve been building a Bastion of their own. Best thing we can do for those beasts right now…is put them down quick and clean. Look at it this way — it’s either them, or us. There’s only one kind of mercy left these days. The hard kind. Takes a lot of convincing…and our mortars have to do the talking. But if we win…they win too. Our Bastion, is everybody’s gain, not just our own. Unfortunately…there’s no explaining that to a simple beast.
Those beasts been hard at work, fixing up the place. They’ve rounded up their survivors just like we have. They’ve been searching for Cores and Shards, just like we have. Maybe they’ve thought about turning back. Just like we have. We just really need their Shard. Kid got it fair and square. They don’t see it that way, though. Everything and anything that’s still standing tries to stop the Kid. But like I said, best thing we can do…is put them down quick and clean. That’s the way. He’s done what’s best for them, don’t you worry. Don’t you worry…

We’ll all be better off, once the Bastion is complete. Kid puts the Shard inside. The Monument’s getting better. Zulf sure did a number on it though.
Kid pulls out an old Gramaphone he picked up at Mt. Zand. Suppose it’s true a little song can put things in perspective. Fixed that thing right up, didn’t we. Made these goings-on a little livelier.

Just a couple Shards left. The Quarry’s got to have one, right?

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