Point Lemaign

Point Lemaign’s Grand Rail once brought the riches of the Wild right to our doorstep.

Know how Caelondia became the richest City in the world?  Two words. Point Lemaign. If the Wilds could ever be tamed, it was going to happen right here. But now? The greatest outpost past the City line…is nothin but a freak show. The Army’s Triggers once had the place on lockdown. Kid might as well pick up where they left off. He finds an Army Carbine, still in the hands of the Trigger who once used it. He takes aim down the sights, and Blam, just like my fighting days! Gun like that can even put the Wilds in check. Kid uses it to clear out the place.
Point Lemaign’s seen better days for sure. But it ain’t done. Whole place shudders in a fit. The Grand Rail of Point Lemaign…not only is it still there. It still works…! Of course it’s no longer shipping hides and alloys and spices. But it can give the Kid a lift, all the way to the Shard. Just as long as he can stay clear of the trouble on the tracks. The Grand Rail’s all grown over with things the Calamity chewed up and spat out. Things that don’t appreciate the Kid. Things eager to take back their turf. Kid don’t let so much as one of those things slip by. One of those things happen to not be a plant. Lunkheads settled in like they own the place. With the Carbine in hand, Kid takes aim for its vital spots from behind. Never been easier to stop a Lunkhead.
Kid’s got to keep heading towards the Shard.
Takes fancy footwork on the Rail what with Wallflowers coughing fungus everywhere. Only one way to cure a cough like that.
Place used to be closed off but now it’s split open like a rotten Vineapple. Of course the Grand Rail’s seen much more fighting in bygone times. The Ura-Caelondian War, fifty years ago. Doomed to happen, again. It was right here that Zulf’s Ura forefathers decided to mix it up. They didn’t seem to like our being here so far out in the Wilds near their home, so they made their point.
OK so maybe we didn’t get their sign-off on the whole Grand Rail thing. That was bad…The Rail must have shook the Ura to the bone down in those dens of theirs. Where was I now? Oh right. Kid grabs the Shard on the way up. Well the Rail won’t last much longer now that the Kid took the Shard. It’s still got one good run in store for him though. All the rotten wood there on the Rail’s turned it into Swampweed Central. Ever tried dancing side to side while holding your breath? While shooting a genuine registered Army Carbine? While choking on Swampweed? While Peckers trying to prick you in the eye? Well let me tell you…It ain’t fun. But then at last, it’s the end of the line. Should have seen him tiptoe around those Swampweeds in his way. Kid’s got better footwork than I’ve seen in a long time. He hits the end, almost there to the Skybridge. Turns out he’s got company up at the rail station. Waiting for him. Not just another Wallflower or Pincushion mind you. There’s an Ura man standing there at the edge. At first he thinks it’s Zulf. Turns out he was wrong. This…is for you, says the man. Then, wham.
When the Kid comes to, the man’s long gone. But something else is there. The only words Kid recognizes on that parchment are…”For Zia.” Well what’s a Kid to do. He took the Shard. He took the hit. And he took that note.

That note cut straight to the heart of things, don’t it. The note says it plain. Zia – go east to learn the truth about the Calamity, and our people. I’ll be waiting. Sincerely, Zulf.  Zia takes some time to herself, to think. Meanwhile, Kid puts the Shard in the Monument. It ain’t too late to unlock the potential of this place.  The Memorial may be finished, but our part is far from over. While Zia takes some time to herself, the Kid and I talk about the note and what it means. Zulf’s messenger was one of his people. Wonder just how many of them survived. And what exactly Zulf told them. Kid arrives just in time to sample Zia’s famous cooking.  Finding gourmet ingredients ain’t easy these days, but we’ll take what we can get.

The Shards are getting harder to find.

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