Jawson Bog

The less said about Jawson Bog, the better.  That place will eat your mind.

After Zulf’s little episode, the Kid sets off in search of Shards.  First stop: Jawson Bog.  You’ll get lost in that Bog, I told the Kid.  And I won’t be able to guide you back.  Well I let him go…What else could I do…?  What could any of us do.  Zulf put us in a real bind.  Hurt the Bastion bad.  But the Shards can make it better.  They’re like smaller doses of the Cores’ medicine.  Shame the only place to fill that prescription…is out here in the Wilds. Don’t get sucked away, I told him. This place is worse than anywhere you’ve ever seen. This place ain’t like the same as anywhere else. This place is…intoxicating.

All I can do is watch as he falls asleep, maybe for the last time. Don’t know where he’s gone.  Might be gone for good for all I know.  Wherever he is…It’s somewhere I’ve never been.  Somewhere I never want to go.

Thought we’d lost him…but he finally comes to.  The Shard ain’t lost either, not anymore.  Now to find a ticket out of this hole.  Soon as he steps out, Bootlickers dig their nasty thorns into his heels.  Disgusting things.  Kid can’t move until he breaks them off, so he takes care of it from afar. Then, it gets real quiet. Ever heard of a Lungblossom?  It’s…bigger than the stories say.  The breath on that thing, like a Scumbag sprung a leak.  They say one whiff of Lungblossom can make you lose your mind.  Well the Kid prunes it down to size, somehow.  Mother only knows what happened in the bog.  Kid never much cared to speak of it.

A Shard is like a poor man’s Core.  But beggars can’t be choosers.

That’s it.  A few more Shards like that and we’ll be back in business.  A single Shard can breathe new life back into this place.  A Shard’s got enough juice to spruce up any of these places.  The Arsenal’s complete, in case we need protection. We’ll need all the help we can get.

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