The Wild Outskirts

That’s the edge of the Wilds.  Where Jawson and his boys disappeared.

The Wild Unknown.  Place can eat a man alive.  Place is so raw, even the Calamity couldn’t cook it.  Not all of it.

Kid lands in a small clearing, sees nothing but green. There’s one thing sticking out though. Someone’s put something shiny in a broken log in front of him. Kid reaches in to grab it. Know what’s better than having a Slinger pistol in a fight?  Having two.  Savage things lurking at every turn.  With those dueling pistols in his hands, Kid cuts them down nice and quick. Kid’s faster than a Slinger with those guns.  Pincushions ain’t the worst of it either.  Peckers got the Core, like they’re building a Bastion of their own.  The welcoming committee scrambles to attention.  Didn’t expect the Kid so soon.  Kid sends them away without too much trouble. They shouldn’t have let their guard down.  But now, he’s stuck in a pit surrounded by rocks. Getting that core was one thing, getting out’s going to be another.

He digs his way out of the clearing, but the Wilds won’t let him go without a fight.  Kid barely avoids a bright yellow fireball passing right in front of his eyes. Wallflowers survived the Calamity.  It toughened them up.  Thick leaves protect it from any harm. Same goes for the Kid.  He knows to strike when they open up. He keeps going, runs into more Pincushions. Best take it real slow when Pincushions are afoot.  Don’t ever turn your back on a Pincushion.  Protect yourself until you can safely take them out, then wham. They won’t be bothering you no more.

Slinger Jawson’s old outpost is all that’s left of him.  A handful of Windbag shipments made it out this far.  They’re not used to the open brush, so Kid sends them off to a better place. Kid’s roused up half the Wilds by now.  Jawson’s boys left all kinds a stuff out here.  Some of it the Kid can still use. Hears a noise behind him, pulls up his shield, and Pow.  Gives a Wallflower a taste of its own medicine.  Kid’s feeling pretty confident about the Wilds now. Then Kid gets the feeling he’s being watched.  Not by me…by a Lunkhead.  …And Lunkheads ain’t fond of two-legged animals.  Hit them anywhere but the hindquarters, and you only make them mad.  Soon enough, he figures it out. He waits for it to jump, then dives behind it and shoots it down. Now nothing ain’t gonna bother him no more. Sees a smooth black stone coughed up by the Calamity.  Be seeing plenty more.  Finds an…interesting little fruit on the way. Wild Green Vineapple’s bout the only good thing out here.  Hardly any signs of the old Jawson camp.  The Wilds already reclaimed this place.  Kid takes a last look around because he ain’t coming back.  He’s anxious to get back.  After all, he’s got the final Core.  His journey’s over, right?  Well no, it ain’t…not by a longshot.

Kid knows something’s up when we ain’t there to give a warm welcome.  See Zulf and I were just wrapping up a…heated discussion.  Zulf can barely muster the words.  The Calamity failed, he says…But I will not…And with that, Zulf leaves us here, alone.

Zulf cursed the City, cursed the Bastion…cursed me…and said he was going home.  When Zulf got through reading that journal, he just snapped.  Started smashing up the Monument until I tried to stop him.  Zulf banged up the Monument pretty bad.  But there’s a way to put her back together: the Shards.  We’re going to need all of them to nurse the Bastion back to health.

The City brought the Shards to the Wilds…now the Kid’s going to bring them back.

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