Prosper Bluff

Now listen close.  You should remember this next part.

Why go to Prosper Bluff…?  Used to take an enterprising man or a plain old fool to venture out that far.  The City was the most beautiful place in the world, we all knew that.  But on the other hand…Some folks just yearn to see the things they’re told they can’t.  And that’s why you go to Prosper Bluff…ain’t it.

There the Kid hears something he ain’t heard in a long while.  How’s it go again…?  Yeah, that’s the one.  Well…no point explaining what happens next, right?  Ah, why not. Won’t hurt to pass the time some more. Kid finds an Ura girl, sitting all by her lonesome, playing her harp guitar for…what? Whatever reason, Kid finds her there, following the sound. And he’s surprised. Came for a Core and found a girl. Suffice it to say, Kid ain’t coming home empty-handed.  He don’t question what happened. He don’t even worry about there being more Ura out there. Well, we never really had to ask.  And besides, it’s like the song goes: They’ll be here…before too long.

We darn near celebrated when the Kid got back didn’t we.  Zulf never thought he’d see a fellow Ura again.  We were beginning to think we were the only ones left. We become fast friends.  Calamity has that effect on people.  We almost stopped right there. We’d found just about everyone. But there was more to be done.  There was one last Core to find. One more, before the Bastion was complete.

Kid excitedly shows off all the things we’ve gathered so far. Most of the Ura never got a taste of Caelondia’s fine goods.  Unless they were born and raised in the City like Zia here.  Mentioned something about using them for our next meal. Sure the world’s all gone to pieces farther than the eye can see, but leave it to this gal to point out the amazing view.  Always a pleasure to have someone like that nearby. Girl tried to run away from home one time.  But the Marshals stopped that, didn’t they.  She didn’t say anything else about that subject, not until later. So many secrets in there and she can’t even read it.  Her father’s own journal.

A scientific journal written in Zulf’s native tongue.  He learned so much from it…too much.  We never should have let him touch it.

If only I’d know half the secrets of the Calamity were tucked away in that book, I’d have worked to translate it right away.  I still regret not having done it.

Kid’s surprised when I tell him there’s only one Core left.  I shouldn’t have believed it either.  We tracked the final Core beyond the City to the Wilds.

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