Langston River

That’s the Langston River, used to cut all the way to Wild.  Think it was bad then?

The Langston River flowed free and wild till the Calamity drank it all up.  Wonder what happened to it all. Maybe all that water just grew wings and flew off.  First thing the Kid sees when he lands, is the Riverbank’s swarming with Windbags.  They’re so bent on finding the Core, they hardly notice the Kid.  Lucky break. Kid takes them out without any trouble. Now comes the trouble of finding a way to go down the river. Lucky for him a certain famous ferrybarge is still afloat.  Weeping Nellie.  Kid finds her floating there without a scratch. Kid gets on real quick-like, then starts her engine. She sends some Squirts crying home as she leaves port.  Kid’s going downriver without any idea where to go. Maybe Nellie knows the way to the Core.  Maybe she can slip right past all the clamor on the coast.  Or maybe not.  A Security skiff pulls up port side…!  Turrets on top start shooting at Nellie and the Kid. Nellie’s just another Windbag to those guns.  Kid thanks Nellie by protecting her from the skiff. Makes a lot of noise doing it though. Just then the Windbags notice who she’s sailing with.  They’re plenty sore about what happened at Cinderbrick.  They try to cut her off.  They try to slow her down.  They try to knock her out.  Well Weeping Nellie tries even harder.  Try as she might, though…she hits a snag.  Busts right through a piece of floating wall. Kid’s got to help her get untangled.  Favors for favors.  At least she picked a good spot for a break because the Core’s right there.  Kid grabs it without hesitating. His mission’s over. Time to get home.

Then the Kid hears an unusual sound, like a hundred flapping wings.  Kid turns his eyes to the sky…Peckers…Dozens of them swarm the Kid, flapping and pecking. Kid fights them off, Core in hand. They had their own eyes on the Core.  But why…?

He finds Weeping Nellie raring to go, with some new parts.  Turns out she’s got a special surprise for when the waters get rough.  She starts off as soon as the Kid gets on board. Peckers chase after her, though. She’s going to need a little help with all them Peckers.  Crafty things think they’re king of the roost now.  The rest of us only wish we could fly in times like these.  Kid’s starting to get tired beating all these Peckers off. One of them gets shot, but it ain’t from Nellie. Security skiffs keep on coming, starboard-side.  Don’t seem to care what they shoot long as they hit something.  To make things worse, The Windbags get an even better idea.  They aim to smash Weeping Nellie to splinters.  Peckers, Security, and Windbags. Well it all proves too much for poor Nellie.  She rocks back and forth, almost knocking the Kid right off. Pieces fly off, and the Kid’s holding on to dear life. Nellie ain’t gonna make it. She knows it. She’s just got to make one last stop.  With her last breath, Nellie gets the Kid to solid ground…solid ground in Pecker country.  More Peckers than ever before attack the Kid. They want that Core real bad.  Might be they want it just as bad as the Kid.  Eventually, Kid shooes them off, knowing they’ll be back.  Seems the Calamity ain’t hurt the Peckers’ appetites.

Know how many times Kid nearly fell off the barge back there?  Not even once. Kid’s got steady sea legs for a Mason.

Now listen close.  You should remember this next part.

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