Cinderbrick Fort

That’s Cinderbrick Fort.  Where the Marshals used to watch over the City.

There’s only one way into Cinderbrick Fort…The hard way.  Sure, the City Marshals may be gone…But now the Fort’s crawling with Windbags.  Blasted things cover every inch of the Fort, and the Kid’s gotta clear ’em out, for more reasons than one. The Calamity was mercy for normal folks.  The Windbags ain’t so lucky.  They been left to freeze or starve…or face the Kid.  Windbags pop outta thin air, surprise the Kid. But he takes a single swing, and Wham.  Kid’s ready for the Windbags this time.  Well, Windbags young and old keep fighting for the Fort.  They start pouring out, one after another. Kid can barely hold his ground. Smoke clears, and the Kid is left standing. Taking a look around, Kid notices there ain’t much left untouched. At least the Marshals left the Kid a parting gift.  Something the Windbags just can’t handle.  Something that’ll punch clean through their greasy hides.  A single shot cuts a Windbag in half. Kid’s impressed with the firepower in his hands. No wonder the Marshals never had too much trouble keeping the peace. Can’t be too many folk willing to stand up to a Marshal with an itchy trigger finger.
Windbags ain’t much different from normal folks.  All they want is a warm place to stay and a decent meal.  Best place for them is under the surface where they can keep nice and warm, but The Calamity drove the Windbags topside.  A lot of them wound up here in this very Fort.  Could have been minding their business underground like in the old days, but they ain’t got much of a choice. As the Kid works his way through the Fort, he’s seeing more and more stuff just strewn about. Windbags can’t use the Marshals’ supplies, but the Kid sure can.  As for the Windbags…Cinderbrick gave them enough heat and metal to munch on for a while.  Too bad they won’t be able to for long. Well the Fort ain’t theirs by right.  Can’t blame them for wanting it though.  Cinderbrick was designed to be one of the toughest places lay siege to, as well as one of the safest places to be in the event of an emergency. So many of those sorry things holed up inside that Fort, though. With nowhere to go, they came here. It’s a truly sad tale, but as sorry as they are, they have to go.
Not a scratch on him as he presses for higher ground.  Kid’s stash of grenades is there for him if things get even worse.  Not that he needs it though. Kid’s blasting everything in sight with that newfangled musket.  Suddenly, more trouble appears. Security’s plain gone haywire.  Windbags gummed up the works.  Flame turrets, tracker shots, triple-bullets, the best of the best security turrets all can be found in the home of the Marshals. Kid ain’t afraid of getting burned, though. He pushes forward and tears through security. If the Marshals were here, they would need to patch up a lot of security holes after the Kid’s through. Windbags [They] trap the Kid in the middle of the Fort’s parade grounds.  Then they bring out Glutus and Glandon, and all their Scumbag uncles.  They’ve got something to gain, and only their sorry hides to lose.  Kid dives, takes a shot, rolls, keeps moving. Windbags can’t do much more than chase after a red and white streak. Soon, Kid takes down Glutus…or maybe it was Glandon.  A few more moments, and The other big Fella soon joins his brother, wherever they are now.  The uncles go out with a whimper.  The Windbags finally get the message. They clear out of the Fort, and leave the Kid in peace. After all the dust settles, the Kid takes a look around. Spots something shiny on his way out. Kid used to dream of getting a Marshal’s badge, but not like this.  One last glance, and then he steps into the Skyway. And now ain’t nothing left for nobody down at Cinderbrick Fort.

Kid shows up just as Zulf’s telling me about his own journey to the City.  The Marshals seemed like good men, he says.  They treated him with dignity.  Kid spots a new addition to the Bastion. Zulf brought his antique smoking pipe all the way from the Terminals.  Seems the only thing the Calamity saved for Zulf was his smoking pipe.  Kid asks me about the relationship between the Marshals and the Ura. Even since the Ura surrendered to us, the Marshals kept a good eye on them.  I guess that fear was our downfall. Zulf’s travels ain’t much compared to what the Kid’s had to go through for all this. We ain’t taking score though.

Welp, here we are. Back on track (?). Again, after graduation this week, I’ll pop up part after part until it’s all done. So just you wait.

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