Pyth Orchard

There’s Pyth Orchard, built in honor of the Bull. And folks like Zulf, who pray to him. No use praying to the Gods these days.  No time for it, either.  Kid says a little prayer anyway.  Couldn’t hurt right? Pyth Orchard…place is a dead end in more ways than one.  Folks used to make the pilgrimage here to pay their respects to Pyth, the Bull.  Well the Gods are long gone now.   And the Orchard Core, it’s long gone too.  Seems Pyth ain’t much of a watch dog.  Place is ruined everywhere.  Fields are gone, fences are demolished, and the people…they’re gone too.  Not much left around here.  Pyth Orchard was mainly farmland with a temple in the center.  If there was anything to find, it’s gone now.  Still, Kid makes out a Pyth Plush.  A memory of a childhood long gone.  The Gods don’t care about trinkets but the Kid ain’t no God. Pyth stood for something once.  Something real.  People would pray once a day for Pyth’s protection.  It gave most people hope at least.  In time, though, the Bull stopped being a symbol, and started being a decoration.  Once the War started, people found out that Pyth didn’t protect the people from the Ura.  He couldn’t protect the people near the Rippling Walls, nonbelievers as they were.  He couldn’t even save his loyal subjects right in front of him.  Pyth makes a decent scarecrow at least.  Nothing better than a giant mechanical bull to scare away the crows.  Then Pyth lights up like a rodeo.  Scares the Kid nearly to death.  Pulls out his Bullhead shield just in time.  Almost funny, thinking back on it.  Two bulls facing off.  Then finally, Pyth calms down.  Kid takes his chance.  But it ain’t easy punching through his hide.  A few good hits and the Kid breaks him to bits.  Must have been guarding that Shrine.  Maybe the Gods can tell him something.  So what’ll it be?  Invoke the Gods, or tell them off?  Kid decides to press his luck.  And instantly, the sky darkens to red.  Well if the Gods are alive, they must be plenty sore.  Kid ain’t never seen Windbags that quick.  Maybe old Pyth put a scare in them?  But he makes it back to the Skybridge safe and sound.  Kid passes Pyth’s trial and he’s richer for it.  Kid ain’t found a Core but least he found Zulf’s precious Shrine. Now we can build a Shrine of our own…though I got some alternatives in mind.  Kid pulls out the Pyth Plush to show us.  Zulf doesn’t touch the thing.  Says the God of Commotion ain’t no children’s toy.  I understand where he’s coming from.  The Ura feared the Gods.  We turned them into toys, put them on our walls. So this will be my last entry.  Don’t think anyone’s paying too much attention to this, so I’m not gonna spend my time on it.  If you’ve been reading and you loved it, I am truly sorry.  I really would have loved to keep working on this, but it’s falling apart now.  In return for failing my mission, I’ll simply post everything I have saved story-wise. Thanks for reading.

June 4, 2012–I’m coming back! See my recent post.

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