The Sundown Path

Lovely place for a stroll, before the Calamity that is.

Couples used to walk the Sundown Path.  Kid ain’t here for pleasure though.  He’s here for a different reason.  But then…Somebody gets to the Core before the Kid.  Floor starts giving way under the slightest step.  A single panicked Squirt could bring the whole place down.  So could a reckless Kid for that matter.  Kid’s gotta move fast and he’s gotta move smart.  Fragments of the old world rain from the sky.  Stray valuables are lying everywhere.  Kid thinks twice about risking his hide for them, though.  He’s got more than enough reason to make it back safe and sound. 

Well the Path ain’t exactly open to visitors no more.  Security’s all fired up.  See, the Path was intended for leisurely stroll and such.  Not so much for noise and tomfoolery.  Now there’s plenty of both.  Kid’s running around, dodging bullets and debris while trying to keep his footing.  Makes it to the end the road.  Nowhere he can go…but up.  Skybridges linked the Path together.  One of them Bridges whips the Kid along.  Sends him out and up to another part of the Path.  He’s safe for now.  The Core hasn’t affected this section yet.  Kid takes a small breather.  All that running around takes a toll on the best of Kids.  Finds a spyglass like the ones they’d use to search the stars.  Kid never had much interest in what he couldn’t hold or use, but figures he’ll take it back anyway.  Might as well.  He finds a group of Skybridges.  Air travel always was an iffy proposition.  The Calamity changed everything…even the way the wind blows.  Well if we mastered the winds in the old days, we can do it again.   Kid sets out to prove it.

But the question is…Who else could have taken the Core?  Well, ain’t no survivor stole the thing.  Scumbag ate it by mistake.  Kid does what he’s gotta do to get it back.  He pops the Scumbag, but nothing’s there.  Tough break.  Unlike the Kid, that Core ain’t coming back.  With nothing else to do, Kid heads for the exit.  Know they used to ship live munitions down the Path?  Fine time to find them.  He’s wise to toss those things plenty far away.  They can make quite a bang.  Then Kid runs into a couple of Windbag crates.  Even Gasfellas need shuteye from time to time.  They get real cranky when you wake them up.  Not a problem for the tools Kid just found, though.  Finally, Kid makes it to the Skybridge, and he’s headed back home.

In all his toil Kid keeps coming back to an overwhelming question…Who else could have survived the Calamity?

So he didn’t find a Core that time, but that ain’t about to stop us.  He almost forgets to hand me the spyglass.  We could always see the stars.  We just never could reach them.  No matter how high we built.

This one doesn’t have a lot of editing for me to do, so I’m double-posting today.  Plus, I wanna see Zulf  = B

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