The Workmen Ward

Them Windbags used to keep the City humming along here.

Now he lands at the intersection between Bad and Wrong.  Ought to be a Core down one of these twisted streets.  But which one?

He heads for the biggest dump in town, Scumbag Alley.  Some Scumbags still feeding off the city’s trash.  They don’t cause much problems for the Kid.  He leaves them alone.  Hungry Scumbags often get rid of themselves.  A couple more turns…And there he is, the oldest Scumbag of them all.  Gershel.  The Calamity ain’t done much for Gershel’s sunny disposition.  Big fella that he is, Kid has a hard time holding his shield up high.  Kid gets a bright idea.  Walks right up to the edge of this floating rock, and Gershel kindly rushes right past him.  Shame old Gershel can’t float like when he was a young Fella.  The rest of the path is gone for good, and his City Crest won’t bring it back.  Kid takes a look around.  No, Core, no surprise.  Likely Gasfellas are hiding it from him.

He heads for the east side, where Windbags used to keep the local Forge.  Kid finds the only alleyway left standing here.  Odd place to find the likes of Percy the Snitch.  Kid makes him gone.  Never much cared for that big wide grin of his.  Kid steps into the plaza.  Somehow that old Forge is still standing.  Inside the Forge, Kid can fine-tune those instruments of his.  Core ain’t here neither, so he’s got to guess again.

He heads for the Squirt Steppes.  Won’t be no field trip this time.  Something sharp, shiny, and red’s lying on the ground right at the entrance.  Scumbag can digest just about anything…except for this.  A War Machete.  It’s quick for slicing.  And light enough to throw.  Kid gets a feel for the blade.  It ain’t as heavy as his old friend, but it’ll do just fine.  Kid cuts down Squirts like he was born for it.  Deep in the Steppes, Kid finds a peculiar item.  They say even the most rambunctious Squirts can be tamed.  That’s usually with the help of a Squirt Lure.  A couple of Squirts willingly fight for the Kid against their own kind.  Squirts are an odd bunch.  No sign of the Core here.  At least the Kid got something for his trouble.  Then a bunch of them tunnel up around him.  Them Squirts just don’t know when to quit.  Kid’s new buddies and machete take care of them.  No problem.

Up north is where the Gasfella foreman used to live, tending to his flock.  Security and Gasfellas ambush the Kid at an intersection.  Kid deflects the Security shots with his shield, then tosses his Machete into them Gasfellas.  He’s getting the hang of that knife.  One of the Fellas leaves his Ragged Hood behind.  Know why Gasfellas all dress alike? Kid’s wondering the same thing.  He heads up the step…And there it is.  But it’s locked down tight in an alloy cage.  Kid wonders how to get it out, but he don’t have to wait for long.  A group of Gasfellas pop out of nowhere and surround him, but don’t make a move.  Kid readies himself for their attack.  But none comes.  Instead, a big old Fella comes out of the building.  The Foreman.  He’s [A blustery old Foreman’s] keeping his Fellas in check.  Almost like he’s showboating for the crowd.  Comes at the Kid alone.  Bad decision.  Foreman spins around and around, trying to catch the Kid off-guard.  It don’t work.  Kid just backs off and throws his Machete.  Catches the Foreman right in the face.  And now there’s a new marshal in town.  Rest of the Fellas disappear, most likely to tell the other Fellas about the Kid who got the Foreman.  That’s fine for the Kid.  He steps up to the Core, its cage having lifted by the end of the fight.  Picks up the core and puts it in his bag.  He hears the whole place groan, but it’s too tough to fall.  Kid’s ready to go, and his ticket out’s right where he started.

He comes back, just like I knew he would.  The Core hums in his pack.  The Monument’s calling for it.  Kid does it again.  The Core’s right where it should be.  Only fair he decides what we build next.  He comes up to me to talk.  Pulls out the Ragged Hood.  The Windbags used to be all right.  Then the Calamity took the floor out from under them.  A lot of things need fixing up in this world.  And we can start right here.  Kid makes time to sample spirits from my…personal supply before he heads out again.  I picked up traces of other Cores while the Kid was out.  I tell him where to go next.

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