The Wharf District

Folks sailed deep into the Boundless Sea from here.

He gets a good look at things on his way down.  Not much to see.  Either ruins or emptiness, and neither are a good sign.  He lands on top of a Breaker’s Bow.  And it ain’t broke.  He picks it up, a slight heft to it.  Beautiful red craftsmanship, and well-made.  Kid can tell at least that.  A full quiver’s on the ground at his feet.  He picks it up, slides it across his back.  Easy access to those arrows now.  Kid spies a good perch for some target practice.  He walks up to it, and sees some Security hanging around.  Might as well try out the bow on them.  He knows he should draw the string all the way back.  First few shots go wild, naturally.  Kid’s used to handling a hammer, not a bow.  Security finally notices when an arrow dings across one of their heads.  They spin around to fire at their attacker…and one of them gets a face full of arrows.  Thok.  Wasn’t long before he could loose an arrow, strong and true.  Security ain’t nothing but a smoldering pile, now.  Something catches the Kid’s eye, a little off to the side.  In a little corner, he finds something stringy.  Picks it up, takes a quick look at it.  Then he pockets a memento from a Breaker, once the fastest men in the land.  Maybe he can use it somehow. 

Kid learns a few things about the Wharf District on the way to the Bastion.  Good news is the emergency defenses still work.  Bad news is that they’re aiming for the Kid.  That bow of his, though, it takes them out with a single shot.  Kid’s getting the hang of it.  Down in the marketplace, he passes by a book stand.  Kid was never much into reading, but one of the covers interests the Kid.  Takes a gander through Mason Fights.  It’s a pretty interesting read, I might add.  Picks up a few pointers from that [a] dusty old tome.  One of the tricks the Masons liked to use when out in the Wilds and surrounded was taking their Cael Hammer and giving it a little spin.  Nothing came at a Mason much afterwards.  And you know what?  Kid’s [He’s] a mighty fast learner.  He and his old friend, both. 

He finds the Distillery, right next to the Arsenal.  Tough part of town.  One sip of spirits in the Distillery, and the Kid’ll feel like a new man.  Not much left in this one, only a bit of Squirt Cider, Dreadrum, and Fetching Fizz.  Kid don’t know if he can handle all of them, so he only takes a sip of one, then heads out.  The Arsenal’s where the Kid can pick the best tools for the jobKid finds some more bolts for the Repeater and some arrows for the bow.  It ain’t much, but it’ll do.  Comes out to find some of them Squirts birthing like crazy in a couple of cornbins.  Pops them out five at a time.  Takes a second for the Kid to realize they’ll just keep coming right out unless he takes care of the source.  A few good swings of the hammer, and they’re done coming out.

He stops by another statue.  That one was Maude the tutor.  Once taught the Kid good manners.  He never used them though.  Kid remembers what happened to old Rondy…and decides to set Maude free.  Dunno if it’ll mean anything, though.  He finally reaches the end of the Wharf District, where the ports are.  He’s looking for the right boat to send him to the Bastion.  An old ferrybarge sends the Kid on his way.

The Bastion’s real close now.  Kid steps off the barge at the other end.  There’s a big plaza, with something right in the center of it.  Something heavy, it looks like.  Kid takes a chunk of alloy.  Soon as he does that, the smell of barley and spoiled blueberries fills the air.  Scumbags…Kid maybe shouldn’t have done what he just did.  Kid tries to figure out where the Scumbag is.  He ain’t in front of him.  To his left?  On his right?  Right behind?  None of the above.  He looks up just in time to roll out of the way.  A huge blueberry almost lands on top of him.  But that ain’t no snack.  It’s the Scumbag he was looking for.  And he ain’t alone.  A couple of just-as-large Gasfellas pop out of nowhere.  These Gasfellas start breaking apart the ground, trying to corner the Kid.  Well, that won’t stop him.  It takes a while, but he finally pops the both of them.  All that’s left is the big blue bubble.  One smack and it’s…smaller.  Harder to hit.  And spitting out blue muck everywhere.  Kid accidentally steps in one, and hears his boots sizzling.  Tries to pull his foot out, but it’s stuck.  That glop ain’t just for show.  It’s like glue and acid put together.  Kid makes a note not to step in them anymore.  He decides to take the Scumbag out from long range.  A few shots, and he robs a Scumbag out of his last meal.

Kid’s tired, exhausted.  But he’s close, now.  Sees the Bastion just across the way.  He finds the Core to the Wharf District.  Crystalline and majestic, just floating there.  Waiting.  He steals the City’s heart.  Might as well.  All of a sudden, the ground starts to rumble.  Kid has a feeling he better get a move on.  Turns out the place is starting to fall.  Kid starts running.  See, that Core the Kid took was the only thing making this particular rock stay afloat.  Kid just keeps running.  Runs past the Security, past the Gasfellas, over the walls, through the fences.  Ain’t no stopping for him.  He’s fast as a bullet.  But the ground is faster.  It’s falling apart faster than the Kid can run.  At last the Skyway’s in sight.  One final leap…and he makes it to the pad.  It whisks him where he needs to go.

This week’s gonna be another double-post.  I want to get to the Bastion as soon as I can (which is the next post, as a matter of fact, lol).  I don’t think I’m gonna make double posts a standard, just fyi.

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