The Bastion

Caelondia’s safe haven, once the highest point in the City.  Too bad it wasn’t finished before the Calamity struck.

Grass.  Kid ain’t felt grass in a long time.  Ain’t much grass left in the City.  It’s a strange sight.  He gets up out of the dirt and looks around.  Now the Kid sees something stranger still.  His mind races.  He starts walking.  This is the Bastion.  He’s made it.  He starts running.  Did anybody else survive?  Sure enough, he finds another.  He finds me.  We talk for a spell.  He’s got the City Crest on his back.  Pulled it off the Rippling Walls before his last scouting.  There’s a bit of the Bastion’s power in that Crest, enough to point the way to the Cores.  He pulls out the Core in his pack.  What to do with it?  All I tell him is to set that Core on the Monument there.  Then watch.  Kid rummages in his pocket for the last memento, the crystal barrette.  He don’t need to say anything.  I try to let the Kid down gently.  This is the Bastion alright.  Except no one else showed up.  Kid gets real quiet.  Then walks up to the monument.  He places the Core in the center.

And just like that, the Bastion comes alive.  Starts growing again…Growing stronger.  Kid’s got to put its power to good use.  Now the Bastion can send him even farther, into the Wild Unknown.  Tools and materials appear at one end of the Bastion.  A foundation.  Kid ponders what to build.  He’s got the plans and an extra pair of hands to help out.  Kid finally makes his choice.  The Bastion’s a place of peace…but we can hold our own if we have to.  Kid don’t know what’s out there waiting for him, so he wants to choose his weapons before he heads out.  Kid takes a final look around before he steps on the launching pad.  The Skyway.  Now the Kid can ride the wind to distant lands.  He makes his decision, and it sends him flying.

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