The Sole Regret

He sets foot inside one of Caelondia’s famous watering holes.  Kid can’t believe his eyes.  Inside’s old Rondy the Bartender, frozen stiff as a board.  The Calamity got him before his drinking did.  Kid walks up to him and sticks his hand out, makes sure what he’s seeing is real.  And it’s real alright.  One touch, and Rondy falls apart.  Just like that.  Kid freezes up.  Did he just erase Rondy?  Or was he already gone?  No answer to either question though.  But Rondy always wanted his ashes scattered here.  No time to mourn him, though.  Kid’s gotta keep moving.  He searches the room, looking for something, anything.  Then Kid finds his trusty shield.  But just as he’s getting a handle on it…The Security takes him for a petty thief.  Tall pillar with a monstrous head.  It fires energy balls with the sole purpose of removing the Kid.  Kid blocks the shots in time, and sends it right back at it.  The Security turret explodes in a single hit.  The shock of the explosion knocks some boxes off the shelves above.  Special delivery: Gasfellas. Windbags turn up for last call.  Squirts, Gasfellas, and Scumbags.  All are Windbags, all are in different stages of life, and all are dangerous.  Kid makes quick work of them.  More Squirts start coming out of the woodwork.  A big old Fella pops out in front of the Kid.  Kid’s having trouble, so he looks for a way out.  Kid sees the way to the Bastion out of the window.  It’s a bit of a drop.  He makes a run for it, and leaps out the window.

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