The Rippling Walls

Proper story’s supposed to start at the beginning.  Ain’t so simple with this one.  Now here’s a kid whose whole world got all twisted, leaving him stranded on a rock in the sky.  He gets up.  Sets off for the Bastion.  Where everyone agreed to go in case of trouble.   The ground forms up under his feet as if pointing the way.  He don’t stop to wonder why.  Finds his lifelong friend just lying in the road.  Well it’s a…touching reunion.  His old friend comforts the Kid in more ways than one.  He sees what’s left of the Rippling Walls.  Years of work undone in an instant.  In the Calamity.  Nothing could have stopped it.  Kid just rages for a while.

Farther down the wall, someone’s up ahead.  That a survivor?  No ma’am, it’s a Gasfella, forced out from underground.  Big, tough, and blue, with an orange hood.  Fella spots the Kid.  Comes right at him, pickaxe ready to strike.  Kid pops him good.  Has a feeling his old friend’s gonna come in handy a lot.  Starts to feel his bruises, though.  Got no time to rest though.  He’s got to keep moving.  An old repeater falls out of the sky.  Ain’t a gift from God, but it’ll have to do.  Kid ain’t had a chance to fire one of these before.  Got to hold her still to spin up the chamber.  Kid’s worked up quite a thirst by now, so that fountain looks real inviting.  Sometimes you just need a drink.  A school of Squirts tunnels up around him.  Tiny little creatures, shaped like curved teardrops.  Must have fled here from the mines.  A few shots from that repeater and they ain’t bothering him no more.  Kid finds a memento from a girl he knew.  Always used to fancy her.  Inside the City, now, and not a soul in sight.  He sees something else though.  It’s a wonder the old Saloon’s still standing.  Used to have the nicest view.  Kid steps inside without a thought. And then, he falls to his death.  I’m just fooling.

Woo, first part is up!  There’s a double-post today, so be sure to check that out as well! 

A side-note: some of you may be wondering why some text is white while the rest is gray.  That tells me you didn’t read the About page = P It’s to distinguish Rucks’ narration from my own additions.  Rucks is in gray, and mine is in white.  There’s no real purpose for distinguishing it, except that I thought some people might enjoy knowing what’s canon and what’s not.

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