Tazal Terminals

The Tazal Terminals. All that’s left of the Ura’s civilization, and the last stop on his little journey. I can’t hear him at all anymore. He’s too far away. But he’ll be all right. Just needs to get that Shard from Zulf and come on home. The Calamity hit the Tazal Terminals hardest of all. […]

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Who Knows Where (Survivor’s Dream)

Zulf. Very soon the Kid’s going to have to face that man again. For the last time. They met on the worst day of Zulf’s life. There in the Hanging Gardens he aimed to throw it all away. It wasn’t the first time Zulf had nothing to lose. He was born to a simple Ura […]

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About the Story

The Bastion Story is a transcription of the narration of the game Bastion by Supergiant Games. It has been painstakingly copied word for word from the game itself, and double-checked with the subtitles files, although there still may be a few typos hiding around. To differentiate itself from a simple copy-pasta, The Bastion Story is an attempt to turn the narration into an actual oral story, like how Rucks told their story to Zia. As such, most of the “story” will be directly from the game, and only a few extra sentences will be included, to add coherence.  These extra sentences are a slightly different shade of color, so it is easier to separate from the narration.

About the Storyteller

The Bastion Story is small project by Imag, a nerd. After completing Bastion, he wanted to share the amazing story with his friends. His plan was to transcribe the entire narration of the game, then tell the story of the Kid and the Bastion while sitting around a campfire at night with friends. Sadly, since the narration is around 3,000 lines long and Imag doesn’t go out if he can avoid it (the sun, you see, it burns him), he can’t. Therefore, he offers his version of the story to the only place that might accept his wasted hours of typing: the internet.  He’s not a very experienced author, though.  He’s never written fanfic or any sort of story, only a few hours spent on role-playing forums.  But he does his best, trying to keep Rucks’ personality alive in his additions, and is open to any constructive criticism.

So enjoy, if you wish.